American Corporate Partners (ACP) -  “ACP aims to ease the transition from the military to the civilian workforce by helping Veterans and Spouses find the next careers by leveraging military experience and translating skills into future opportunities.  ACP is also helping Active Duty Military spouses find employment. ACP is the only nonprofit organization engaged in national corporate career counseling for our returning veterans and active duty military spouses.”

American Dream U -  (702)303-2005  “Military, Veteran and spouses are our mission.  We are dedicated to helping our military members and their spouses in the transition so they can find a successful landing after their service; whether that is higher education, a dream job, or the ability to start their own business. Services offered are online programs and educational workshop events.”

COMMIT Foundation -   (571)306-1323 “The COMMIT Foundation empowers service members, veterans, and their families to create purposeful and fulfilling transitions by providing personalized programs, resources and the support of community.”

DAV Patriot Boot Camp -  “Patriot Boot Camp (PBC) provides active duty service members, veterans, and their spouses with access to mentors, educational programming, and a robust community of experts and peers to help them innovate and build impactful businesses.” 

DOD Skillbridge -     "Looking for your next career step after your military Service? Are you within 180 days of transition? Discover opportunities to participate in training and development with industry and employers who are seeking the high-quality skills that you bring to the table. "

Donovan & Bank Foundation ~  “Is a North Carolina based 501(c)(3) charitable organization dedicated to helping United States Special Operators bring closure to their warrior story and transition to a life of peace, contentment and balance. The Foundation accomplishes its mission through a variety of transition assistance services delivered through four interrelated, mutually supporting programs.”

Focus Marines Foundation -  (314)243-4140  “FOCUS Marines Foundation was created in 2010 by Marines who served in the Corps years ago. Following active service, they lived productive and rewarding lives. These Marines, many of whom saw combat in Vietnam, understood firsthand the issues of transitioning from military to civilian lives and were determined to help this new generation of Marines and veterans who served during the war on terror."

FourBlock -  “FourBlock is a nation-wide community of veterans and employers dedicated to transforming the veteran transition process. We look beyond transition to equip our veterans to achieve their potential.  Our mission is to equip veterans and military spouses to successfully transition to meaningful civilian careers. Our vision is to build a national professional network where transitioning veterans and military spouses can connect locally and attain the skills, resources, and relationship-building opportunities necessary to reach their career potential.”

Glen Doherty Memorial Foundation  -   "The Glen Doherty Memorial Foundation was established to ease the transition from military work to being a civilian for the Special Ops community.  Our focus is on providing current and former special operations professionals, from all branches of the government, the means necessary to transition and succeed in civilian life.  Scholarships are available for current or former Special Operation Professionals and their families."

Hiring Our Heroes -  "Hiring Our Heroes is a nationwide initiative to help veterans, transitioning service members, and military spouses find meaningful employment opportunities."

The Honor Foundation -   (619)916-6421  “At The Honor Foundation, our campuses are an integral, deeply rewarding part of our Transition experience. We operate from world-class facilities; locations fitting of the community we serve. At THF, we consider our Fellows not only military in transition but also executives in training. Our unique collaboration with leading business schools and colleges have encouraged productive interactions, new networks and true professional development our Fellows.  At The Honor Foundation, we embody the Special Operations Forces (SOF) community because we are them. Our programs were developed by SOF operators for SOF operators. Our Foundation is run by former SOF operators and the SOF Truths are interwoven into the very fabric of our organization. Our team holds ourselves to their same impeccable standards because we understand them, live them and lead with them. The men and women we serve -- our brothers and sisters -- are a part of us and we'll work tirelessly to serve them and this community with honor, for life.”

MBA Stack ~  Tips for budgeting and managing finances that are applicable for all areas of life!

MTSU Charlie and Hazel Daniels Veterans and Military Family Center -  (615)904-8347  “The Daniels Center's mission is to provide transition services for Veterans and their families as they return to civilian life after military service.   The Daniels Center is the largest and most comprehensive veterans center on any Tennessee higher education campus. It enables the over 1000 military-connected student population on campus to have a one-stop shop to meet a variety of academic needs.  It is a place for our military-connected students to study, to gather, and to get help from fellow veterans, who will serve as peer advisors and sponsors.”

Mission Six Zero -  (202)810-5504  "Mission Six Zero is dedicated to supporting Warrior Rising, a 501c3 non-profit that empowers US Military veterans to create sustainable businesses, perpetuate the hiring of fellow veterans, and earn their future. "

Navy Seal Foundation  -  (757)744-5326 To learn more about the Navy SEAL Foundation Transition Assistance programs.

Operation New Uniform -  (904)328-1600  “Operation New Uniform™ (ONU), founded in 2014, has established itself as a trendsetter in the veteran service organization space. Our mission is to ensure all our nations Veteran’s have a successful transition after service.”

Seal Future Foundation -  (646)883-8733 “Transitioning out of service you find yourself alone facing an unfamiliar enemy, one you’ve never trained for called transition. How does your past life translate to this new one? How do you find your new purpose without teammates or resources to help you? You may have sustained injuries—internal, external, or both—that the current system does not know how to address. You are teaching yourself how to be a father and husband again having been deployed most of your career. The SEAL Future Foundation is here with the tools and resources to help you get healthy and find your next purpose. This will definitely not be easy but you do not have to fight this battle alone.” 

Soldier for Life -   (703)545-2637  "At Soldier For Life, we connect current Soldiers, Retired Soldiers, Veterans, and their families with education, employment, and health and wellness resources and opportunities via our powerful network of government and community organizations, corporate partners, advisors, educators, and Retired Soldiers and Veterans. Once a Soldier. Always a Soldier. A Soldier For Life! "

Special Operators Transition Foundation -   (404)804-4692  “Since 2013, the Special Operators Transition Foundation (SPTF), formerly operating as Your Grateful Nation (YGN), has specialized in assisting Special Operations Forces veterans with the successful transition from the service into their next great career in corporate America.”

Shift -   “Career advancement for military members, past & present.  We help members of the military, past & present, discover careers, acquire new skills and embark upon new job experiences at the best companies in the world.”

Transition Skills Training -  “Transition Skills Training, Inc. provides low-cost access to skills training and education for veterans and their families, with a focus on their transition out of the military and into the civilian workforce. Our focus is on helping veterans and their families navigate the shift from military life into the civilian workforce. We provide specialized training, tech innovation and community engagement events leveraging a robust national network of veteran-focused organizations and partners. We work to make sure soldiers and their family members have access to skills training and the information they need to not just survive but thrive.” 

USO Pathfinder Transition Program  -  “The USO Pathfinder® Transition Program extends the USO experience to active duty, Reserve, National Guard and military spouses by offering professional development services throughout the duration of military service as well as in preparation for life post-military. USO Transition Specialists can help develop a personalized Action Plan and help you take full advantage of services and resources that are the best fit for you and your spouse in your new community. USO Transition Specialists provide these free services through one on-one support (either virtually, or in person) and help military families create a plan for success now – and for the future.”   Connect with a USO Transition specialist at

VETS ~    (866) 487-2365  "The U.S. Department of Labor has devoted a portion of their website to VETS (Veterans' Employment and Training Service). Here you will find resources and expertise to assist and prepare veterans in obtaining meaningful careers, maximizing their employment opportunities, and protecting their employment rights. For further information, visit their website or call 866.487.2365 (TTY: 877.889.5627).   

Vets2Industry -   "Vets2Industry was started to provide a free resource library for the military community – active, guard, reserve, veteran, military-spouse, dependent children, Blue-Star & Gold-Star Families, and caregivers – so they know which organizations provide free services and benefits. V2I also serves to break the circle of ignorance by listing companies that have opportunities for veterans, those that have specific military hiring programs, those that are on the 100 Military Friendly companies list, and those that selflessly provide Fortune 500 mentors for a year to transitioning service members through their partnership with American Corporate Partners. The goal is to educate all 220,000 to 240,000 transitioning service members each year and their dependents on free resources to ease their transition and life needs, and more importantly, provide hope.  V2I has grown to now provide free career tool webinars, and in addition we provide a platform for recruiters and transitioning military/veterans and milspouses to all come together to connect and explore career opportunities. " 

Veteran Homestead -   "In November of 2019, the DAV Dept. of MA Service Fund Inc. merged and assumed responsibility of Veteran Homestead Inc. which has been running sober-living and transitional housing programs for veterans since the 1990s.  The housing and program service models have been proven effective with past and present participants. Now renamed as the Veteran Advancement Program of the DAV Dept. of MA Service Fund Inc., we are still operating the programs Veteran Homestead Inc. initiated to include: long term and transitional sober-living, supportive care, affordable housing programs-Hero and Armistice Houses of Leominster, as well as the affordable transitional housing program in Gardner, MA for veterans seeking higher education and attend college."

Vetsec ~   360 362-0225  “VetSec is a home for those who served  – those who are transitioning into or wanting to upskill into cybersecurity.  We offer a community of like-minded veterans and a bridge to transition from the military into meaningful employment, with resources along the way to help you out.  We provide Mentorship, Resume reviews, Job Boards and more.”

Warrior Rising -  (833)932-7397 Warrior Rising is a tribe of veteran entrepreneurs and veteran supporters. Our goal is to provide veterans with a purpose and community post-military service. We are dedicated to empowering veterans in the most sustainable and altruistic way possible - we help them help themselves. We believe that true charity is providing a hand up, not a handout.

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