Out Processing

Out Processing, or the start of Transitioning Out, was designed to provide credit counseling, job search assistance, getting IDs, setting up accounts and housing, budget & finance education, obtaining tuition assistance (GI Bill), Evaluate military transcript and turn into college transcripts, direction how to use military skills in civilian world, etc.

Your base out processing team is designed to help you start your Transition timeline, and assist you until separation. Some of the steps are:

o Make appoint with your local TAP Counselor to begin the TAP process and be assigned a Veterans Services Officer (18-24 months prior)

o Determine if separating, retiring, going to school (18-24 months).

o Schedule and attend Individualized Initial Counseling and Pre-separation Counseling (12-18 months)

o Determine GI Bill benefits and school location if going to school upon separation (12-18 months)

o Evaluate military transcript and turn MOS into college transcripts (12-18) months

o Apply for schools (12-18 months)

o Review finances, credit scores, set up bank accounts, set budgets (12-18 months)

o Apply for VA Home loans, relocation area, arrange for Household Goods transportation counseling

o Draft resume, explore DOD Skill Bridge, American Job Center, Military OneSource and begin your job search. (6-12 months)

o Start attending career fairs (6-12 months)

o Schedule physical and dental checkups, and obtain copies of medical records (4-6 months)

o Determine if eligible for separation pay or early retirement (4-6 months)

o Scheduled Capstone with TAP Counselor and Commander (4-6 months)

o Review your DD2648 and DD214 (3 months)

o Complete VA Healthcare registration and set up One on one session with VA Benefits advisor (3 months)

o Obtain a Veterans Preference Letter from www.va.gov (3 months)

o Apply for personalized career Planning and guidance (3 months)

o Prepare your disability claim with your VSO if not already completed (90 days or less)

o Finalize relocation appointments, VA Loans, and review your benefits (90 days or less)

o Apply for Veterans ID card, Veterans Health Identification card (Day of separation +365)

o Apply for VA Dental Insurance (Day of separation +365)

o Ensure you have multiple certified copies of your DD214 in a fireproof place (Day of separation +365)

o Get DD214 registered at the courthouse as a legal document (Day of separation +365)

o Ensure your VA Benefits contact information is updated with current phone number, email and address (Day of separation +365)

o Register for VA Burial pre-need program (Day of separation +365)

DOD Skillbridge - https://skillbridge.osd.mil "Looking for your next career step after your military Service? Are you within 180 days of transition? Discover opportunities to participate in training and development with industry and employers who are seeking the high-quality skills that you bring to the table. "

DOD Transition Assistance Program - https://www.dodtap.mil “DoD TAP is an outcome-based program that bolsters opportunities, services, and training for transitioning Service members in their preparation to meet post-military goals. The mandatory components of TAP are applicable for all Service members who have at least 180 continuous days or more on active duty; this includes National Guard and Reserve.”

DOD TAP Curriculum - Defense Visual Information Distribution Service - https://www.dvidshub.net/unit/DODTap

Military One Source - https://www.militaryonesource.mil (800)342-9647 "YOUR SUPPORT WHEN MILLIFE HAPPENS Military OneSource from the Department of Defense is your 24/7 gateway to trusted information, resources and confidential help. When MilLife happens, it’s your “first line of support” — giving service members and military families tools to stay well and thrive."