About Us

22 a day is 22 too many.

Every day we see another military member has taken their life, and have asked, with all the resources available, how can this be? The overwhelming common responses are:

  • Because there isn't one place to find all the resources available

  • Because its not talked about, communicated, advertised and most don't know what is available to them

  • Because of the fear of losing benefits if a military members says they are struggling.

This website was created with the sole purpose of having one go-to location for Veterans and Active Military to find the resources they need.

Why you ask?

Because the alternative is no longer acceptable.

Instead, we want to:

  • Get help to those who need it FASTER, before its too late

  • Get information to all military and their families that they may not know is out there

  • Streamline the search and remove the frustration

  • Help to remove the fear of reaching out for help & restore the dignity of getting help

  • Make sure all military members and their families have the information they need, or can get it

Just like a library but without the need for a card or registration! This site does not collect, ask for or maintain any user information. All resources are those available to the public with any internet search, and links are provided to the direct websites of the sources.

This is an ever evolving library of information. If you don't find what you are looking for, or have suggestions, please email us at: oneresource4militarymembers@gmail.com